best pubg mobile players 2020

Pubg mobile 2020 top players

2020 “Top 10 PUBG Mobile Players” Ranking 2020 has officially arrived and we couldn’t be more excited. We wish all of our readers a happy new year and hope that together, as a community, we can reach new heights in the next 12 months. But first, let’s look at the year that has been and count down our list of the top 10 PUBG mobile players of 2019. Now, unlike some of our previous year-end lists, the top 10 players will be much more subjective. That’s because, it’s hard to say what makes a player good – is it just results, is it consistent performance, is it great individual skill, do most MVPs win or is it just a sum of frags? That’s a bit of a stretch in my opinion, as players often play in different roles and different regions, which makes comparison extremely difficult. We have also limited our choices to 2 players from the same country, so that we can integrate different styles of play and regions. Just because a player is not on the list does not make it less than a player and we would be happy to hear your thoughts on the top 10 players that you can let us know in the comments below. Honorable mentions: It’s hard to reduce the value of an entire year of performance to 10. Therefore, we’ve also put together an honorable mentions list for a few players who also had a great run in 2019.

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