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Binemon Game Guide
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Binemon Game is an NFT game run on Binance Smart Chain. Players are allowed to breed and raise virtual NFT pets, Mons, let them fight the battles, and earn the rewards. There are two battle modes which are Player-versus-environment (PvE) and Player-versus-player (PvP).

Binemon Game Game

Mons are not the only things Binemon players can collect. There are also special items called Ambrosia (AMB) that can be found on the infinite open-world landscape. Players can use AMB to empower and upgrade their Mons.

BIN, a BEP-20 Binemon’s native token is used to buy Mons’ eggs in the Binemon marketplace. There are four different races of Mons’ eggs players will randomly receive which are cat, dog, unicorn, and titan.




In a distant galaxy lies a planet called Earth…

One day extraterrestrial creatures appeared and created a new species in their own image to conquer the vast lands of Earth.

This species is called Mons.

The space inhabitants were worshiped by the Mons as their predecessor and named Promethean.

The world was divided into 5 main continents: Wood, Ice, Fire, Water, and Desert, located in the center.

Mons proliferated around the world, living mainly on 4 continents.

In the arid region Desert with the harsh climate, life was hardly found, except for wandering merchants.

Due to its central position, the Desert acted as a border between the 4 continents, maintaining the balance of power.

Conflicts occasionally arose between continents, but the world as a whole was at peace.


Tips – Some know-how about PVP Binemon Game :


PVP stands for Player versus Player, which means the battle between different players.

  1. A complete battle formation requires 5 Mons. You should pay attention that the formation step for 5 Mons is extremely important because it will determine your victory or defeat when fighting.
  2. Battle in the game mode will be turn-based according to positions from 1 to 5.
  3. There are 100 turns for each match. In case the rival still cannot defeat all Mons within the battle time limit, both will be counted as a Draw. The player can increase the battle speed by choosing x2 to double the battle turn.
  4. Every 2 hours there will be 1 match, 12 matches per day. You can buy more tickets to play more turns.
  5. When Mana Point (MP) bar = 100, Ultimate skill will be unleashed on the next turn.
  6. Each Mon will have two skills: Ultimate Skill and Passive Skill

Ultimate Skill: randomly received when hatching eggs, influenced by Class

Passive Skill: randomly received when hatching eggs, influenced by Race


Notes about Skills in PVP Binemon:


  • Passive Skill:

    • Passive Skill will be received randomly when hatching Eggs, influenced by Race. Sure that you prepare for the most effective formations to optimum usage of Passive Skill.
  • Ultimate Skill:

    • Ultimate Skill will be received randomly when hatching Eggs, influenced by Class.
    • Ultimate Skill is the most important skill to decide the result of the Battle. It depends on the Class and interaction statistics of each Mon. Therefore, understanding how to best use Ultimate Skill will help players decide the most effective formation.

How to play PVP Axie V2 – Binemon?


Step 1: Log in to the account on Binemon Game – choose “Battle”


Step 2: Choose “Battle”


Step 3: Choose “Pick Rival”.


Note: When picking a rival, please note to base on reasonable statistics to increase the winning probability. If the rival whose rating point is less than yours, you will gain less point rank point (RP) but have higher chances of winning.

About Rank Point and EXP Point in PVP Ranking Battle:


Ranking Point (RP) per attack battle


Winning against a rival with equal RP: +22 RP
For each 2% higher in RP of rival: +1 RP (Limit: +44 RP)
For each 2% lower in RP of rival: -1 RP (Limit: +1 RP)


Losing to a rival with equal RP: -18 RP
Reduced RP is lessened by 1 RP for every 1% higher in RP of rival (Limit: -1 RP)
Reduced RP is added by 1 RP for every 1% lower in RP of rival (Limit: -36 RP)

EXP per attack battle


Winning against a rival with equal RP: +30 EXP/Mon
For every 2% higher in RP of rival: +1 EXP/Mon (Limit: +45 EXP/Mon)
For every 2% lower in RP of rival: -1 EXP/Mon (Limit: +2 EXP/Mon)


+1 EXP/Mon

Note: Please note about RP ranking points and EXP experience points to choose a reasonable rival, optimize your winning Battles, RP and EXP!


More tips about the Binemon game will be released in the next articles. If you have some good tips to play Binemon, please leave a comment so we can bring the most detailed reviews and instructions to newcomers! More newcomers, more fun, more wealth

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