Brain Code Level 28 vla soxv ilyh Answer

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Brain Code Level 28 vla soxv ilyh We have doublechecked and update frequently to ensure that all are correct. If you need more explain please comment this page and we will try help you.

Brain Code Answers Level 28 If you faced a level in Brain Code Game that you couldn’t find its answer, follow us to see detailed hints and solutions. Image hints are also provided:

Brain Code Level 28


Brain Code Level 28 Answer :


The Coliseum is a reference to Rome, in this context, the laurel wreath refers to Caesar.

The message is encrypted and according to the references is using the “Caesar cipher”. This cipher consists of shifting the letters of the alphabet. According to some texts, it is believed that Cesar used it with a shift of 3 to the left, being: a=x, b=y, c=z, d=a and so on.

Finally, after decrypting the ‘vla soxv ilyh‘ message we get “six plus five” which is 11

To decrypt online go to then put ‘vla soxv ilyh’ in input box and then shift is 3 then click on decrypt, it will decrypt it to six plus five

Command: /text:11


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Brain Code Level 28 Answer :


Aboute Brain Code :

brain : code is a game with 30 unique puzzles.
Why only 30 puzzles? Sounds easy? – Only 10% of you will complete all of them.
(By the way +20 more puzzles are coming soon)

What about gameplay?
Yes, this is the most interesting part.
You need to control gaming process and solve puzzles using commands.
You can interact with views(move, rotate) and control in-game animations.
At your disposal will be 15 commands.(ex: /text,
/rotate/move, etc. )
To solve all puzzles you need to use all of this commands.

Play store Link is : PlayStore  

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