Brain code level 35 i covercome laziness Answer

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Brain Code Answers Level 35 If you faced a level in Brain Code Game that you couldn’t find its answer, follow us to see detailed hints and solutions. Image hints are also provided:

Brain Code Level 30


Brain Code Level 35 Answer :


brain code level 35


I covercome laziness

  • Level 13 was skipped

Command :  /level : 13

  • 13:13 1970   – Apollo 13 launching Time 

Command : /text: apollo 13


Brain Code Hints walkthrough [All Levels 1-40 in one Page]


Brain Code Level 35 Walkthrough or Answer :


Aboute Brain Code :

brain : code is a game with 30 unique puzzles.
Why only 30 puzzles? Sounds easy? – Only 10% of you will complete all of them.
(By the way +20 more puzzles are coming soon)

What about gameplay?
Yes, this is the most interesting part.
You need to control gaming process and solve puzzles using commands.
You can interact with views(move, rotate) and control in-game animations.
At your disposal will be 15 commands.(ex: /text,
/rotate/move, etc. )
To solve all puzzles you need to use all of this commands.

Play store Link is : PlayStore  

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