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Brain Test Answers Levels Puzzles Level 1-50 Answers Walkthrough :

Brain Test Answers Levels 1 to 50 :


Brain Test Level 1

Q: Which one is the biggest?
A: Lion.

Brain Test Level 2

Q: Find the hidden number.
A: Move rock out away. The hidden number is 40.

Brain Test Level 3

Q: Burn everything.
A: Burn couch and household objects. Burn word ‘everything’ in the text.

Brain Test Level 4

Q: How many holes are in the shirt?
A: 8

Brain Test Level 5

Q: Make flower blossom,
A: Move clouds away to reveal sun.

Brain Test Level 6

Q: Which one is closest to us?
A: Tap moon.

Brain Test Level 7

Q: Click animals from smallest to biggest.
A: Tap mouse, lion, elephant and click submit.

Brain Test Level 8

Q: Catch 5 falling apples.
A: Tap only apples falling.

Brain Test Level 9

Q: Where is the rabbit?
A: Put eyes on cabbage, two carrots as ears, white carrot as nose.

Brain Test Level 10

A: 15.


Brain Test Level 11

A: Slide arrow left off screen to unlock.

Brain Test Level 12

Q: Feed cat.
A: put treats on word “cat” in the text.

Brain Test Level 13

Q: Find the green ball.
A: Combine yellow and blue ball = green ball.

Brain Test Level 14

A: Longest month is February (most letters)

Brain Test Level 15

A: Use finger to place word ‘Curiousity’ from text onto cat.

Brain Test Level 16

Q: Count the pizza slices.
A: Move the pizzas and count them. 9 in total.

Brain Test Level 17

To turn off the dangerous kettle, tap the red button on the front of it, which is the on/off button.

Brain Test Level 18

Q: Who wins between 100 knights and 100 barbarians?
A: Move 100 from knights to barbarians 100.

Brain Test Level 19

Q: Figure out which monkey is carsick.
A: Shake device to make them sick.

Brain Test Level 20

Q: Stop the baby’s crying.
A: Turn phone upside down.


Brain Test Level 21

Q: Click the blue button six times.
A: Click until red button appears > Move red button away > tap blue button again.

Brain Test Level 22

Q: How many holes in the numbers.
A: 6 = one hole, 8 = two holes. 6868 = 6.

Brain Test Level 23

Q: Turn on the TV.
A: Place two fingers the broken cords.

Brain Test Level 24

Q: Make the red win the race.
A: Drag word ‘red’ from the text in the race.

Brain Test Level 25

Q: Find the hidden number.
A: Turn device upside down. 67.

Brain Test Level 26

Q: Open the soda.
A: Shake device again and again to make soda explode.

Brain Test Level 27

Q: Put the elephant into the fridge.
A: Pap fridge handle to open > put elephant in.

Brain Test Level 28

Q: Turn on all lights > slide right light off screen > tap switches to turn on both lights.

Brain Test Level 29

Q: 10 = 25.
A: 25 = 10.

Brain Test Level 30

Q: Find the black sheep.
A: Drag word black from question > place it on a sheep to make it black.


Brain Test Level 31

Q: Make the truck/bus pass though.
A: Zoom out to shrink the bus.

Brain Test Level 32

Q: Do the multiplication first, according to PEMDAS.
A: 4+5*5-2 = 4+25-2 = 27.

Brain Test Level 33

Q: Help the poor turtle.
A: Flip device to turn turtle right side up.

Brain Test Level 34

Q: Let the cat in the door.
A: Turn your device over to make door open > place cat in.

Brain Test Level 35

Q: Who tells the truth?
A: ‘three of us are liars’.

Brain Test Level 36

A: Push button and word ‘button’ at same time.

Brain Test Level 37

A: Total of 10 balls.

Brain Test Level 38

Q: Correct 4+5=19.
A: Place finger over 1 for five seconds to make 4+5=9.

Brain Test Level 39

Q: Click on the cat below.
A: Click all 3 cats at the same time.

Brain Test Level 40

Q: 1 cherry is 10 > 1 banana is 2. 2 cherries and 6 bananas.
A: 32.


Brain Test Level 41

Q: Make them fall in love.
A: Drag balloons top left corner and pop them.

Brain Test Level 42

A: Take second L out of ‘Level 42’ and place it in text.

Brain Test Level 43

Take Screenshot before you tap to memorize numbers.

Brain Test Level 44

Q: What is the tallest building.
A: Shake device to destroy all except one.

Brain Test Level 45

Q: Find the right cat.
A: Swipe cats from right to left. The true cat is on the right.

Brain Test Level 46

Q: Find the bull.
A: Take ‘red’ from “Reddit” and use to make the Bull charge ‘red’.

Brain Test Level 47

Q: The siblings were 3 and 12.
A: Combined age is 25.

Brain Test Level 48

Q: 3+8=11.
A: All equations are wrong.

Brain Test Level 49

A: Save the three pets by tapping them at the same time.

Brain Test Level 50

Q: Solve 1000+50=6050.
A: Take 50 from ‘Level 50’ > place next to 50 (1000+5050)=6050.


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