Brain Test Answers Levels 100 to 150

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Brain Test Answers Levels 100 to 150 Puzzles game all levels answers In this Page, No need to go anywhere.

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Brain Test Answers Levels 100-150 Answers Walkthrough :

Brain Test Answers all Levels

Brain Test Answers Levels


Brain Test Level 100

Q: Today is Jim’s 2nd birthday. Light the candles for him.
A: light first candle with match, and second with the lighted candle.


Brain Test Level 101

Q: Click on the blue button 5 times.
A: Remove red button > click blue again.

Brain Test Level 102

Q: Solve equation.
A: Answer is 25=10.

Brain Test Level 103

Q: Aww… She wants an ice cream too.
A: Grab hat from the boy and hair from the girl > create an ice cream for the girl.

Brain Test Level 104

Q: Complete the equation correctly.
A: Answer is 365+17=382.

Brain Test Level 105

Q: I want some mayo.
A: Turn your device down > the bottle will also turn.

Brain Test Level 106

Q: Help me catch that rabbit.
A: Move the box in front of the carrot.

Brain Test Level 107

Q: The baby is crying again. I suspect she is gassy.
A: Slide finger on the baby belly a few times.

Brain Test Level 108

Q: My widowed granny has three children. They are all married..
A: Answer is 11.

Brain Test Level 109

Q: Help them all get across. But don’t leave them alone with their prey.
A: Keep the sheep on the boat while transferring the cabbage and the wolf.

Brain Test Level 110

Q: Give them apples, but never leave the plate empty.
A: You can give the last apple with the plate.


Brain Test Level 111

Q: I hate math! Get rid of this number.
A: Place letter G, answer is GONE, 1 – one.

Brain Test Level 112

Q: How many eggs are there.
A: Answer is 7, touch all eggs, one of them is not an egg.

Brain Test Level 113

Q: Tom the cat wants to fly.
A: Place the cat on the right side > drop the anvil on the left side.

Brain Test Level 114

Q: Feed them all.
A: Feed leave to grasshop > grasshop to mouse > mouse to cat.

Brain Test Level 115

Q: He refuses to eat his soup.
A: Remove screws on right side of shelf > it will fall > give soup to the boy.

Brain Test Level 116

Q: Whats is the total cost.
A: Answer is 12.

Brain Test Level 117

Q: Eeek! Catch it before my mom suffers a heart attack.
A: Close all sides when rat is inside.

Brain Test Level 118

Q: Teacher wants a rectangle.
A: bring red shape close to knife and you will receive rectangle.

Brain Test Level 119

Q: Scissor has to win.
A: Hide the stones with the papers > cut paper with scissors.

Brain Test Level 120

Q: How can this be correct.
A: shoot every multiplication to turn it into pluses: 15+15+15=45.


Brain Test Level 121

Q: Help him get back his wallet, please.
A: Hold crocodile mouth > move hand to take wallet.

Brain Test Level 122

Q: Help me achieve victory
A: Place word ‘victory’ at the empty places.

Brain Test Level 123

Q: Jack did not study for the exam, but he has to pass
A: Make his neck longer.

Brain Test Level 124

Q: Feed them. One for each please
A: Feed from top fish to bottom.

Brain Test Level 125

Q: I can’t start the video.
A: Place purple play button on the laptop screen.

Brain Test Level 126

Q: His coffee has gotten cold.
A: Use mirrors to reflect the light from the headlight.

Brain Test Level 127

Q: Find a frame for these colored objects.
A: You don’t have to fill all of the frames.

Brain Test Level 128

Q: Make this correct.
A: 8-3=5.

Brain Test Level 129

Q: Click on the fruits in a certain order.
A: 1 apple, 2 cherries, 3 bananas, grapes.

Brain Test Level 130

Q: Birthday time! How old is he though.
A: Pull up the candles to see the cake.


Brain Test Level 131

Q: Help her hit the target.
A: Maybe you can try enlarging the target..

Brain Test Level 132

Q: Help the rat get the cheese.
A: Open the four doors in the middle.
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Brain Test Level 133

Q: What should we put in place of the question mark.
A: Answer is R.

Brain Test Level 134 

Q: His coffee has gotten cold.
A: Tap ‘car’ in the question text.

Brain Test Level 135

Q: How does this equation work.
A: 5=5. Separate and remove other number at the left side of the screen.

Brain Test Level 136

Q: We need 5 actors for our movie, who to discard.
A: Remove hair from the boys > you will see who to discard.

Brain Test Level 137

Q: Help the kid on the right win the snowball fight
A: Place all snowballs in his hand > this will make a big snowball.

Brain Test Level 138

Q: Help me. I don’t know where to turn.
A: Turn your device left to make arrow point the correct way.

Brain Test Level 139

Q: Which one is the longest.
A: Bring face to every and after choose longest.

Brain Test Level 140

Q: Where does bee honey come from.
A: Honey is comes from the bee > Tap ‘Honey’ in text.

Brain Test Level 141

Q: Stop the alien invasion.
A: Tap and catch all aliens with your finger.

Brain Test Level 142

Q: If 1 chicken is cooked in 5 minutes, how long would it take to cook 5 chickens.
A: Answer is 5 minutes.

Brain Test Level 143

Q: Discover gravity.
A: Shake your device until all six apples fall from the tree.

Brain Test Level 144

Q: Help this poor man, please.
A: Tap the woman door sign a few times > the skirt will fall down.

Brain Test Level 145

Q: Another miserable man needs your help.
A: Follow the original story of Spider Man > grab the spider > place in radiation > place at the miserable man > return to Spider-Man.

Brain Test Level 146

Q: What should we put at the question mark.
A: Result is N.

Brain Test Level 147

Q: I had 10 fish in my aquarium, and I came home to see that 6 of them died. How many are left in the aquarium.
A: 10 fishes (dead + alive).

Brain Test Level 148

Q: Help the car cross the river
A: Weather is quite cold, so if there was no sunlight.

Brain Test Level 149

Q: Match the objects with correct countries.
A: All objects belong to a single country.

Brain Test Level 150

Q: How to build a tower
A: Light grey bottom > dark grey > wood.


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