Brain Test Answers Levels 150 to 212

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Brain Test Answers Levels 150 to 212 – Brain Test Tricky Puzzles game all levels answers In this Page, No need to go anywhere.

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Brain Test Answers Levels 150 to 212 Walkthrough

Brain Test Answers Levels 150 to 212

Brain Test Answers Levels


Brain Test Level 150

Q: How to build a tower
A: Light grey bottom > dark grey > wood.

Brain Test Level 151 

Q: Oh man. She is crying again. Help please.
A: These toy car’s tyres are googly eyes.

Brain Test Level 152

Q: Mouse + car = 10, Mouse = 4, cat + mouse + mouse = ?
A: Notice that the cat is upside down.

Brain Test Level 153

Q: Help this bodybuilder please.
A: Take out the weights

Brain Test Level 154

Q: The student can’t think of an answer to the test question.
A: Pump some blood into her brain.

Brain Test Level 155

Q: Timmy needs to eat healthy.
A: Trick him with the hamburger.

Brain Test Level 156

Q: How to defeat the wizard.
A: Fire > Leaf > water > fire.

Brain Test Level 157

Q: Aliens are infiltrating. Find them.
Brain Test Level 157 answer

Brain Test Level 158

Q: What is in the middle of America.
A: Answer is R.

Brain Test Level 159

Q: Looks so sad. Cheer him up please.
A: Make his mouth happy/smile.

Brain Test Level 160

Q: A vampire. help help.
A: Remove the curtains.

Brain Test Level 161

Q: How many triangles are there?
A: There are 5 triangles in total.

Brain Test Level 162

Q: Feed cat from left to right.
A: Move the cat to the right.

Brain Test Level 163

Q: They need justice.
A: Drag the ice cream from the hand > move it to the bucket > until it’s the same size.

Brain Test Level 164

Q: We need a green ball.
A: Hold the blue ball until the yellow comes > combine them and create a green ball.

Brain Test Level 165

Q: Break the window with the stone.
A: Take the word ‘Stone’ and ‘window’ from the text.
Q: What is in the middle of America.
A: Answer is R.

Brain Test Level 166

Q: Neighbors are having a crazy party in the middle of the night. Stop it.
A: Tap on the phone and dial 911.

Brain Test Level 167

Q: How can it be true.
A: Press 1 and hold and move your finger to the left.

Brain Test Level 168

Q: Blue has to win
A: Place the finish line in front of the blue car.

Brain Test Level 169

Q: Save them all.
A: Place them so they can hold each other hand to hand then tap on them.

Brain Test Level 170

Q: Fix the clock please.
A: Move the minute hand.

Brain Test Level 171

Q: Cheer him up please.
A: Turn mouth upside down.

Brain Test Level 172

Q: Horsy wishes to be a unicorn.
A: Tap the star.

Brain Test Level 173

Q: Please unlock the door I am trapped outside.
A: Remove the rug > find the key below.

Brain Test Level 174

Q: Tortoise must win.
A: Drag the shell up > the rockets will start and the turtle will win the race.

Brain Test Level 175

Q: What is the number below the dice.
A: Move the dice. The correct answer is 15.

Brain Test Level 176


Q: Just had a son Pick a name for him.
A: Drag the word son to JA to form JASON.

Brain Test Level 177

Q: Well she is at it again! What’s wrong this time.
A: Move the spider from the head > she will stop crying.

Brain Test Level 178

Q: Collect 3 apples please.
A: Shake the device > move the basket to collect them right.

Brain Test Level 179

Q: Get to 6 please.
A: Go to no. 9 > tilt your device upside down so it looks like 6.

Brain Test Level 180

Q: Find all animals in the picture.
A: Tap all the animals. Remember a snake in the tree (bottom right tree).

Brain Test Level 181

Q: Help Tom get his fish.
A: Turn dog’s eyes at fish > move the cat behind the dog > turn the dog’s eyes where the cat was > then drag Tom to the fish.

Brain Test Level 182

Q: We want to go to New York.
A: Move the door handle to the right side of door > the car then drives to New York.

Brain Test Level 183

Q: Poor crow is unable to eat the walnut.
A: Raise the walnut > drop it on the rocks. Take the broken walnut > move it to the crow.

Brain Test Level 184

Q: Build me a s

nowman please.
A: The head is found behind the cloud.

Brain Test Level 185

Q: Form the image on the puzzle.
A: Move the lion under > place it inside the puzzle.

Brain Test Level 186

Q: She loves him or she loves him not.
A: Remove all the petals > tap the one on the girls head.

Brain Test Level 187

Q: The blue car is in a hurry help it.
A: Remove the backlight from the blue car > place it in the front.

Brain Test Level 188

Q: Help the ghost hunter with his ghost traps.
A: Place the cans two by two in two rows > tap on the ghost hunter.

Brain Test Level 189

Q: What is the reverse of bad
A: DAB is the correct answer.

Brain Test Level 190

Q: What does he see.
A: Brain Test Level 190

Brain Test Level 191

Q: Ok time to lift off.
A: Tilt your device to the left side > type 5-4-3-2-1.

Brain Test Level 192

Q: Such a moody weather.
A: Take picture from wall > make it bigger > place it in the window.

Brain Test Level 193

Q: The boxer on the left should win.
A: Move ball to his right glove to make it bigger > press fight.

Brain Test Level 194

Q: Tom must jump to the other side.
A: Give the mushroom to Tom > he will grow bigger > press JUMP.

Brain Test Level 195

Q: What is the %50 of 55.
A: The answer is 5.

Brain Test Level 196

Q: End this war.
A: Point the cannons at each other > the war will then end.

Brain Test Level 197

Q: Help me carry this box to the dolly please.
A: Shake your device Twice.

Brain Test Level 198

Q: You got caught speeding oops.
A: Bribe him with the cookies.

Brain Test Level 199

Q: Help the mother lion.
A: Drag the hairs from the male to the female lion.

Brain Test Level 200

Q: I declare that today is your birthday pick a gift.
A: Tap the word ‘GIFT’ in the text.

Brain Test Level 201

Q: Quickly tap the number in order.
A: Tap the number in the order 1 to 10. The numbers will switch after 6. 7 and 8 will switch place.

Brain Test Level 202

Q: Solve the puzzle.
Brain test level 202 answer

Brain Test Level 203

Q: We must score a goal
A: Change the kicking direction of your players.

Brain Test Level 204

Q: Teach our cat how to hunt please.
A: Hide the cat in the box. Place cheese on floor. Move the box when the mouse is at the box.

Brain Test Level 205

Q: Find the treasure.
A: The mark under the stone will show you where to dig.

Brain Test Level 206

Q: I lost the brakes! Help.
A: Place a cloud in front of car as an airbag.

Brain Test Level 207

Q: Where is the mother lion.
A: Tap the apples so they fall on cub. Cub will cry and mother lion will come.

Brain Test Level 208

Q: Tortoise must win the race.
A: Take banana from monkey and place it in front of rabbit.

Brain Test Level  209

Q: Help him.
A: Take word from ninja in the dream and wake him up.

Brain Test Level 210

Q: Make a choice.
A: Keep rubbing the left choice until you see ‘Get rich’.

Brain Test Level 211

Q: This man annoyed the llama, get his revenge.
A: Tap a few times on the cloud and it will start to rain. The man will protect himself with an umbrella > tap the llama.

Brain Test Level 212

Q: How many teeth he has.
A: There are 12 teeth.


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