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Guide to Tsubasa (TSUBASA +) | Captain Tsubasa App

Captain Tsubasa’s theme game “Tsubura” is a guide to “TSUBASA +”. You can check the latest information of Tsubura, such as the distribution date and advance information of Tsubura, the strongest ranking in Risemara ranking, and event capture.

Tsubura strategy guide update information

Summary of updated information on Tsubasa (TSUBASA +) capture guide . We will send you the latest recommended articles.

Captain Tsubura Advance Information

Captain Tsubasa
Information on distribution dates and pre-registration of Tsubasa (TSUBASA +).

Summary of the latest information on Tsubasa + We will post the latest information about the game.
Thursday, November 14, 2019 A movie including the actual play scene of “TSUBASA +” has been released on YouTube.
The video released in this video is not a 11 vs 11 match style battle, but a street soccer battle based on 1on1 single player play.

Tsubura is also a real world game that uses location information, and it is impossible to keep an eye on how these systems are involved in the real world.

Tsubura Character


Tsubasa Ozora

Captain Tsubasa Ozora
Tsubasa Ozora is the main character of Captain Tsubasa. He has been familiar with soccer since he was a child, and has a belief that “ball is a friend”, and he is called “a soccer child”.

Under the guidance of Robert Hongo, a former Brazilian who is a teacher, he has experienced various positions. Growing into an MF active in the world.

His specialty shots include overhead kicks and drive shoots.

Kojiro Hyuga

Kojiro Hyuga
Kojiro Hyuga is a rival of Tsubasa Ozora. A strenuous genius striker, feared to be a “fighter” due to his playful style.

Position is forward. Specialized in intense shooting “Tiger Shot”.

Genzo Wakabayashi

Genzo Wakabayashi
Genzo Wakabayashi is a rival of Tsubasa Ozora. He is one of the world’s best genius keeper and is known as “SGGK (Super Great Goalkeeper)” and “Oriental Guardian God”.

He believes that shots from outside the penalty area must be stopped.

What is Tsubura

What is Tsubura
Tsubura is a game based on the theme of the popular manga “Captain Tsubasa” . Not only in Japan, but also in more than 200 countries and regions around the world. The development is handled by the game company Miraile and TSUBASA, which manages the rights of Captain Tsubasa . In addition, Yoshiki Okamoto, who has produced numerous hits such as “Monster Strike” as a game producer, is also participating. The game features characters such as Tsubasa Ozora and Kojiro Hyuga, as well as real players such as Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona The number is about 10,000 . Visit soccer fields and commercial facilities to collect players, win dribbling contests and win players . In the future, a system that allows users to compete with each other will be introduced. Players appearing vary by region, and events linked to actual soccer are planned. Basically free, but items that increase the probability that players from outside the region will appear And so on.

There is no doubt that you can enjoy an unprecedented gaming experience because it is a soccer game using location information .
We will keep you updated as soon as new information is announced.

Tsubura Video

▲  release A concept movie where the wings thrive in Europe

Tsubura basic information

title TSUBASA + (Tsubasa Plus)
Delivery date Early 2020
Genre Real World Game (Position Game)
Supported OS iOS / Android
Pre-registration investigating
price Free (with in-app purchase)
Manufacturer Miraire

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