The 5 best fortnite top players 2020

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fortnite top players

Fortnite top players : Fortnite is one of the most popular games for video game lovers and suspense games. Thousands of video game enthusiasts will be passionate about their adventures and talk about them passionately, and if you have one of the action lovers in your home, you must have heard him speak about them or watched them. He spends the entire night with the day playing without any boredom, what is that game and what is distinguished and who are the most skilled players, this is exactly what I will talk about, so let us enter the world of suspense and amazing games in Fortnite.


fortnite top playersThe fact that the Fortnite game has a large fan base, which is a game in which the smartest wins and who knows how to kill, as for each game there will be one victor, and according to the statistics that are held in the global sites of the most skilled players, and the number of repetitions of victory will be surprised by the number of times played by each One player and how many times he wins, and the top five best Fortnite players in the world are: 

5 best fortnite top players in 2020


Ninja Fortnite :

fortnite top player Ninja

Ninja is the most famous Fortnite player, according to statistics, he has won 34% of the games he has played, that is, he won one of every three games, characterized by his speed in collecting resources and the rapid development between levels, and he does not hesitate to kill everyone who stands in his way.

TFue  FaZe Fortnite

fortnite top players TFue  FaZe

An outstanding player from the FZ video game team, who plays online on YouTube and Twitch and has a very large number of wins, it is impossible for him to sleep and survive in Fortnite.

The Myth Fortnite :

fortnite top players The Myth

One of the best 20 players in the world every time he plays with both killing and victory, one that knows no failure

Daequan Fortnite : 

fortnite top players Daequan

The most aggressive player with the amazing ability to exchange weapons more than any other player, characterized by his ability to blow up enemies in a double manner, makes the game the disappearance of fireworks.

Dakotaz Fortnite :

fortnite top players Dakotaz

A force to be reckoned with, he is the best sniper in the game , with a victory of more than 30%, with all this he plays Fortnite for entertainment only.


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