Get FREE Diamonds in Garena Free Fire 🔥 ( How to Have 10K ) May 2021

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Garena Free Fire is one of the best mobile shooters currently playable. It has more than 100 million downloads and is, together with PUBG Mobile, the leader among small-screen battle royale.

Garena free fire

Of course, it is free, but freemium. That is, you do not have to buy the game, and you can play just by downloading it, but you cannot access all the contents (mainly skins) unless you get diamonds, paying or without paying. Obviously it is easier and faster to get diamonds by paying, but there are also ways to get them for free, and that’s what we are going to talk about in this article.


What are diamonds for in Garena Free Fire?

To access all the premium content, which we could divide into:

  • Skins: from backpacks, weapons, parachutes any aesthetic component that you can think of
  • Elite Passes: For a time you have access to exclusive content and rewards. Unless there is a skin that you really like, it is the best way to invest diamonds
  • Loot boxes: We don’t recommend spending diamonds here

How to get Free diamonds in Free Fire?

We show you the best options that we know and that are currently allowed by Garena Free Fire


We start with TodoFreeFire because of all the options it is the most interesting. Firstly, because it is the largest Spanish-speaking community in Spanish. So aside from diamonds you are interested in stopping by frequently just to be informed. But also at TodoFreeFire, raffles and tournaments are carried out routinely in which free diamonds are distributed. 

Cashzine & Buzzmatch

An application of Indian origin that works worldwide. You can get coins from the app by watching announcements and news. And once you have enough balance you can exchange the coins for real money with which to buy diamonds in Free Fire


King of prices

A very similar application in which you can exchange the Koins you obtain by completing surveys. Maybe it takes a little longer to make a decent amount of money, but it’s equally valid and recommended.


An option that in addition to being recommended is fun. Since in this case you get the money by making sports bets. It is true that if you fail in your predictions you gain nothing. But if you like sports betting, it is certainly the least tedious option.

Can they be achieved only by playing?

Yes too. Obviously you will have to invest many hours to get small amounts, but if you are going to be playing, take advantage of it so that you drop some diamonds as well. Basically you have to be aware of:

  • Missions: Earn medals completing missions until you can get the Free Pass, with which you will directly get 50 diamonds
  • Events: During certain events you can deliver and receive gifts in the waiting that takes place before the game

You see that just playing you won’t get much out. So if you want to get a decent amount of diamonds you will have to resort to the pages or applications that we have recommended


How are we, Freeferos? Ready to learn more about the game? This time we will talk about a topic of great interest. It’s about getting free diamonds. Yes, we know that you must have asked yourself that.

free fire diamonds

Is it possible to do it? Have diamonds without spending a single euro? The short answer is yes, but it takes effort. If you are ready to give it your all, then let’s start with the 100% safe methods to win free diamonds in Free Fire.

Get Free Diamonds Inside Free Fire

We are going to classify the methods into two groups: in and out of the game. In -game methods are those that you can use within the application (a bit obvious), and out-of-game methods are those that use third-party  (totally legal) apps and websites . Do not worry. This is all ban free.

We start with in-game procedures. Although the truth is that they are very rare.

Gifts from your friends

There are special dates when Free Fire allows players to give each other gifts while waiting for a game. If you play in a duet or squad, ask your friends to give you some diamonds.



Occasionally there are missions in the game that when you complete them will give you a small amount of diamonds. It is rare to see this type of missions, but if they appear around, take advantage of them!

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Win Diamonds Out of the Game

The above ways of achieving the goal take time. We do not tell you that these new ways will be in the blink of an eye, but that some are faster.

The idea of ​​the procedure is to find a way to win free cards from Google Play. We tell you for free, but you will always have to do something, for example, download a game, play it, complete missions, take surveys … so you will work, but in your homes and with your mobile phones or computers.

There will be no ban dangers or weird things because you are actually going to buy diamonds. Only that “money” (or Google Play cards), you will earn “free”.

We show you two ways to get Google Play cards without buying them.

Ha Gamehag

gamehag is a website where you can earn Soul Gems and then redeem them for more attractive prizes, such as a $ 10 and $ 15 Google Play card. There are many other awards to choose from. The best thing is that you enter and cheer up yourself. It will rock you a lot.

The web uses Soul Gems as its primary currency. The relationship between that page and the free diamonds in Free Fire is that you are going to try to win as many Soul Gems and then exchange them for Google Play cards. Then use them to buy diamonds and you know what comes next …

Winning the Soul Gems is easy and gamehag offers many possibilities to achieve it. They are between them:

  • play games
  • play mini games
  • write articles
  • upload videos to YouTube talking about gamehag
  • complete quests
  • invite friends
  • level up
  • do surveys
  • download apps
  • download the gamehag app
  • activate your emails
  • speak in forums
  • share content on Facebook

As you can see, the options are varied and easy to complete. The best thing about gamehag is that the acquisition of the Soul Gems is relatively fast. In other words, you won’t have to play weeks to get your first $ 10. In a few days of constant work you will see good results.

Keep in mind that with $ 10 you can get more than 600 gems, and with that buy several very cool things. As a strong point of this method, it is that apart from being totally legal (because remember that what you will do is buy diamonds), it is fun to do.

Since gamehag gives you the chance to acquire many prizes, you will most likely love it. And continue to use the page to earn other things.

Apps to earn points

In the Play Store and App Store there are many applications to earn money. Surely you have heard of some.

appkarma garena free fire

These Apps offer users the possibility of obtaining money in ways similar to those of gamehag. Although the most prominent are downloading other Apps and completing a series of tasks, for example: download X game and reach level 10. And also invite friends with a referral code. Other ways to generate income are as follows:

  • Download Apps and have them installed for a period of time
  • watch videos
  • fill out surveys
  • try games
  • give opinions
  • register on other sites
  • open apps every day

These Apps not only offer Google Play cards. There are other “prizes” that you can choose such as money in PayPal, Bitcoins, Amazon cards, etc. The best known Apps of this style are:

  • appKarma
  • LuckyCash
  • MoneyApp
  • appBucks
  • Playfullbet
  • Google rewards
  • App Trailers
  • TappOro
  • Gatwin
  • CashPirate
  • eToro
  • Openbook
  • Tap Cash Rewards
  • Free Gift Cards
  • FreeMyApps
  • Feature Points
  • Appdown

If you want to go this way, do it. However, it is more complicated and requires more time.

Considerations of Apps to earn money

Depending on the country you are in, you will have more possibilities to earn more money with these Apps. In Spain, you can generate money in a month doing small tasks with your mobile. As long as you don’t violate the policies they will give you the rewards.

You should not do the following if you want to be ban free and receive your prizes:

  • make use of VPN, proxy or bots within the App
  • use emulators
  • use the same account on different devices
  • SPAM your referral codes

Download : appKarma Rewards & Gift Cards – Apps on Google Play


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