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How To Play Axie Infinity
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Axie Infinity: How to play Axie infinity – Scholar’s Edition

How To Play Axie Infinity: If you just joined a scholarship and want to learn how to get started, then you have come to the right place! If you want to learn more about scholarship programs, then read this guide.

When you join a scholarship, you will be provided with a full setup account by the scholarship program. Even though this is the case, there are still some steps you need to take to prepare:

  1. Set up your wallet
  2. Start playing

The post ends with ‘questions to ask your scholarship program‘ so you can vet your program to avoid being scammed.

1. Set up your wallet

The scholarship program will have to send the SLP to a wallet address. This post will guide you through setting up a Ronin wallet address because this is the most common payment method.

Why is this the most common payment method? Ronin is the easiest way for the scholarship program to handle pay-outs because there is only one transaction: from the scholarship’s Ronin wallet to the scholar’s personal Ronin wallet. There is no transaction fee related to this method because everything is done within the Ronin network. Other payment methods are SLP or ETH to a Metamask wallet or SLP or ETH to a Binance deposit address.

If the Scholarship Program does not ask you for a wallet address, then this is a big red flag! Do NOT join the program, if they don’t require you to set up a wallet.

Download the Ronin wallet for Google Chrome or Firefox.

Note that the Ronin wallet is compatible with a Trezor hardware wallet and that you can add multiple addresses under one account (seed phrase).

[Optional] Once you’ve downloaded and installed the Ronin wallet you can follow these instructions in your Axie Infinity account. This step is optional because this is not the account you will be playing. The account you will be playing is the one you received from your scholarship program. You can always link your Ronin wallet to your Axie Infinity account at a later time.

  How to play axie infinity

Ronin is a sidechain to the Ethereum network. You will have 100 free transactions a day and the wallet is optimized for the game. The Ronin wallet shows the games tokens: WITH, AXS & SLP. The wallet also shows you your ERC-721 or NFT tokens for Axis, Land Plots & Land Items.

How to play axie infinity


2. How to play axie infinity: Start playing

The scholarship program will provide you with either the e-mail and password to log in or with a QR code if you are playing on a mobile phone.

Download the game from the Axie Infinity website by clicking ‘Play Now. The app is called ‘Mavis Hub’.

You can log in with the e-mail address and password you set up earlier or use the QR code if you’re playing on mobile.

Once you’re in the game first synchronize your Axies from the account. Go to ‘Axies’ on the bottom left of the screen, and click ‘Sync Axie‘.

How to play axie infinity

Go back to the main menu once your Axies are synchronized.

Select ‘teams‘ from the menu on the bottom left and click ‘new team‘. Enter a team name and select the Axies you want to use for this team.

How To Play Axie Infinity

Position your Axies wisely! Positioning is very important because the Axies that are in front will be the first to get hit by the enemy team. Check out my combat guide for more information.

You can now jump straight into Adventures (PVE) or the Arena (PVP). If you win an Adventure or Arena match you will be rewarded with Smooth Love Potions (SLP).

You will not be able to claim the SLP that you earn in-game. The SLP will be claimed by the scholarship program and sent to your wallet.

Questions to ask your scholarship program

There are some questions you will want to ask your scholarship program in order to be able to trust that they will professionally handle the SLP that you earn. Scholarship programs are in high demand right now, which means that spots are accepted without asking any questions, but it is important to vet the scholarship so you don’t get scammed.

Make sure you know the answer to all of these questions:

  • How will they handle your personal information? (for instance, will your wallet address be stored somewhere?)

You do not need to give your personal information (i.e. name, age, relationship status, etc.). This is all completely irrelevant to the amount of SLP you will be able to earn for the program, which is ultimately what it is all about. The only information the scholarship program truly needs is your wallet address and an indication of how much SLP you will be able to farm. If you do have an unstable internet connection or no experience in the game and will need help, then that is worth mentioning, but that should be reflected in the amount of SLP you think you can earn.

  • What is the SLP split? (which percentage goes to the program, and which percentage to the scholar?)

Most scholarship programs take anywhere between 30% to 40% of the SLP that is earned by the scholar. This means the scholar will receive 70% to 60% of the SLP that was earned in-game. Make sure to ask what percentage of SLP the scholarship program will take before accepting to join.

  • How will they keep track of the SLP you earn and how will they share this information with you?

Make sure you keep track of the SLP you have earned yourself. The scholarship program will probably keep a spreadsheet on the amount of SLP that their scholars are earning. Some scholarships might be willing to share this spreadsheet, which will give you the ability to check if they are managing the data correctly. If they don’t keep spreadsheets of some kind, then they should state the amount of SLP earned on pay-out. For instance:

“You have earned 2.100 SLP over the last 14 days, which is an average of 150 SLP per day. This meets our minimum requirement of 100 SLP per day. You have been paid 65% of the 2.100 SLP you earned, which is 1.365 SLP to your Ronin wallet address.”

If they don’t do this for you then make sure you keep track of this yourself really well and let them know if the amount of SLP you received is incorrect.

  • When will they schedule the SLP pay-outs? Do they payout every 14 days?

Ask the scholarship program how often SLP is paid out, and if there is a scheduled date for pay-outs. For instance on Sunday every 14 days, or on Wednesday every month. Ask them if you will receive a message to confirm that your SLP has been paid out to your wallet address.

  • What kind of team will you get?

If you get a bad team that does not perform well in the Arena, then your only option is doing Adventures. This means it will be very hard to earn more than 100 SLP per day. You need to win 5 arena matches to do the Daily Quest for 50 SLP. The arena is also the best way to maximize SLP earnings because Adventure mode has a cap of 100 SLP. The Arena will award you between 3-7 SLP (depending on your rating) per win, as long as you have Energy.

So, ask your scholarship program if your team is optimized for Arena. If you have knowledge about what makes a good team, then ask them if they could share which Axies you will be getting.

  • Are there any other benefits to joining the program?

Does the scholarship program train its scholars to maximize the amount of SLP that they can earn in-game? Will you be able to get extra rewards if you perform well? Are there any giveaways or fun competitions with the scholarship community? Is there a chance you will get more than 10 Axies, so you get more energy and be able to farm more SLP? Etc.

More tips about the Axie infinity game will be released in the next articles. If you have some good tips to play Binemon, please leave a comment so we can bring the most detailed reviews and instructions to newcomers! More newcomers, more fun, more wealth

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