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RE3 remake Complete solution: tips and intro | Resident Evil 3 remake


Resident Evil 3 remake: Welcome to our walkthrough RE3 remake . If you need help with a riddle on the nightmarish escape from Raccoon City or if you want to make sure that you have really collected everything, then you have come to the right place. This and more is covered by our solution ! Resident Evil 3 remake

re3 remake

Our all-in-one solution will help you with your horror adventure in Raccoon City.

RE3 remake General tips and information

Before we start with the solution, we want to provide you with some basic knowledge and a few obvious but useful tips about RE3 remake.

  • The card is your best friend to keep track of things. If a room is colored red, it means that you can still find something here (except collectibles). If you had the objects in view, the exact items are even recorded on the map. However, if a room glows blue, you have found everything.
  • The knife is not as practical as it was last in Resident Evil 2 . You cannot use it for defense if you are packed . Instead, it is an indestructible weapon that does little damage. It is primarily useful if you want to destroy boxes. If you can also sacrifice a ball for this, you should put the knife directly into the item box to have one more slot in your inventory.
  • RE3 remake‘s combat system has a new component – evasion. With the R1 / RB key you can perform such a maneuver. Shortly before an opponent’s hit is the right time for an evasion step . If you succeed, the time will also slow down, making it easier for you to take out the enemy. This is particularly useful in the fight against Nemesis.
How to find all Charlie characters in Resident Evil 3 remake!
  • Don’t shoot every zombie in the game. Often you can just run around the slow enemies and save valuable ammunition . For the fast movement you should learn the 180-degree rotation early (push back + circle / B). Also use your surroundings by shooting red barrels or electricity generators to take out several enemies at once.
  • When you are surprised by Nemesis in the city, your first impulse is flight. But also try to offer Nemesis Paroli. If you manage to defeat him and knock him out briefly, he drops two valuable weapon parts .
  • You can find numerous useful and less useful collectibles in Raccoon City. There are 56 files, 20 Charlie figures, 20 locks, 10 weapon parts and 6 belt pouches. If you want to play through the game 100%, you can follow our walkthrough so you don’t miss anything.
  • Finally, it should be mentioned that RE3 remake is more divided into level sections than its predecessor. There won’t be many backtracking options . So make sure that you really have everything done before you go on to the next story mission.

In our solution – as already mentioned – we deal with all important items. However, we will not list every ordinary item (e.g. ammunition or herb). Thanks to the practical map, you shouldn’t miss anything. Now that you have hopefully got a good overview, you can start with the actual complete solution!

Jill’s apartment

After a short intro sequence you wake up in Jill’s apartment. There is not much you can do. So steers directly into the bathroom in the back of the apartment and turns off the tap. Jill looks in the mirror and has to witness her zombie transformation. Just a nightmare – luckily!

Then you wake up sitting at the desk and can examine Jill’s apartment more closely. Press the light switch next to the desk and collect File # 1: Jill’s report and File # 2: Notes on investigations hanging on the wall. You will also find file # 3: Open envelope on a chest of drawers. Opposite of this you will finally find file # 4: letter from a colleague next to the pizza box.

re3 remake 2

Right at the beginning you can find four files. Read them before you pick up the phone.

Then you have to go to the bathroom again and switch on the light. After Jill turns off the tap, you leave the bathroom. The phone rings. At the other end is Brad Vickers, who tells Jill to flee immediately. Not a second late Nemesis crashes through the wall.

After the sequence, walk straight down the hall until Jill escapes to an apartment on the right. Doesn’t think to examine the apartment. You cannot miss anything in the further intro. So run into the back of the apartment and jump through the window.

Then you run down the fire stairs and jump one floor below into the next apartment. A little later you will be surprised by Nemesis from above. Run straight to the door with the “Exit” and descend the stairs of the fire stairs. Nemesis surprises you one more time. You just have to walk down the hall again – nothing can happen to you. In the end you land on the streets of Raccoon City and are safe for now.

Flee from the city

Brad Vickers recognizes you in the alley and says that you should follow – do just that. After a few meters Jill regains her strength and you can sprint with L3. Inattentive Brad doesn’t notice a horde of zombies breaking through the fence behind him. There is not much time left. Use the new function and quickly sprint to the Bar Jack.

re3 remake 3Jill is a bit chipped. A zombie attack kills you immediately.

Brad is bitten and you have to leave him behind, but at least you now have a knife . Run through the alley and collect the G19 pistol from the dead policeman . Ignore the zombie in front of you, turn around and walk past the bus until a sign crashes on the floor in front of you. Climb underneath and pass the door on the left that follows the yellow school bus.

A helicopter pilot answers who wants to guide you to the roof of the parking garage. First flee to the warehouse in front of you, where you meet Dario Rosso, who is entrenched in a van. For success, you need to listen to all of his dialogues. Collect the pistol ammunition behind the delivery truck and leave the warehouse.

re3 remake 4

If you shoot the van, you can elicit new dialogues from Dario.

Go to the roof of the parking garage

Ignore the dogs on the left and crawl right under the fallen fence. Run into the parking garage and take a look at the elevator, where two zombies will surprise you. Take a few steps back and aim at the running zombie. If he falls over, you can walk past him and storm to the elevator. As soon as you have pressed the button, the situation is solved.

On the roof you go to the helicopter, which is blown up by Nemesis. Jill gets into a car that you have to start with X / A. Then press R2 / RT to bypass Nemesis. After a crash, Nemesis walks slowly towards you, wrapped in flames. Crawl back until the mercenary Carlos saves you in a cutscene. That was more or less the intro of RE3 remake. You can find out how the adventure continues on the next page.

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