All codes for safes and locks Resident Evil 3 remake

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All codes for safes and locks Resident Evil 3 remake


In Resident Evil 3 Remake there are again safes and locks that have to be cracked. If you should not have seen the notes on the safe codes or simply want to enter the right combination directly, we will show you all the answers in the following guide.

Resident Evil 3 Remake has a total of 20 safes, lockers, crackable locks and safes. Fortunately, only 5 of them have certain codes and combinations . These are 2 combination locks and 3 safes. You can crack the remaining 15 with Jill’s lockpick, which you will automatically get during the story.

All 5 codes for safes and locks

Let’s be precise, there are actually only two new codes. Since Resident Evil 3 Remake is a prequel to Resident Evil 2 Remake, you will be in the police station again. There, the codes for the two combination locks and the safe have simply been adopted identically. The following safe codes are available in Resident Evil 3 Remake:

  • Safe in the city center (new): Left 9 – Right 3 – Left 7
  • Vault in the police station: Left 9 – Right 15 – Left 7
  • Combination lock in the police station (shower room 2F): CAP
  • Combination lock in the police station (hall 3F): DCM
  • Safe in the hospital (new): Left 9 – Right 3
If you should have problems with the monument puzzle, the video shows you the solution.

There is actually a corresponding note for each combination lock and safe hidden in the game world. You can also simply enter the codes to open them. By the way: They always remain identical and do not change in a new game run.

For the curious among you, we will show you exactly where the references to the codes are hidden.

Safe in the city center

Look in the diary of the drugstore owner next to the safe , there you will find the clue. He reports that the combination is a secret between him and Aqua Cure Queen. A poster of the Aqua Cure Queen hangs in the pharmacy . The marked numbers on the poster (circled in red) tell you the correct safe combination: Left 9 – Right 3 – Left 7. After opening the safe, you will receive a weapon upgrade for the pistol as a reward . This is a red dot sight that increases your accuracy of the weapon.

Resident Evil 3 remake codes

This is what the Aqua Cure Queen’s poster looks like.

Vault in the police station

You will only find the next safe as soon as you are in the police station with Carlos . You can find it in the corner office of the office (west side) . You will receive the reference to the code in the storage room (dark room) . In the middle of the room there is a memo on the table that tells you the right combination: Left 9 – Right 15 – Left 7. In the safe you will find another belt pouch that expands your inventory.

Resident Evil 3 remake codesThe internal memo tells you the code.

Combination lock in the police station (shower room 2F)

You will find the locker with the combination lock in the changing area of ​​the shower room 2F. You can see the code for it one floor below in the room after the meeting room . There CAP is written on a whiteboard. As a reward you will receive a stun grenade .

Resident Evil 3 remake codes for safe

You can see CAP scribbled on the whiteboard.

Combination lock in the police station (hallway 3F)

Another locker with a combination lock can be found in the hallway on 3F , near the location for the locker room key. You will find the reference to the code in the locker room . On the whiteboard to the right of the door there is a photo with the DCM combination . The reward this time, however, is rather meager: 20x assault rifle ammunition .

Resident Evil 3 remake safe codes

With DCM you can open the lock.

Safe in the hospital

You can find the last safe at the nurses’ station in the hospital . Extremely important: Be sure to open this safe with Carlos. Be sure to open the safe before handing over the vaccine to Jill. If you don’t do it and return to the safe with Jill after the zombie siege, he’s already cleared out.

The code for the safe is hidden one floor below in the operating room . You can only enter here after you have found the ID card. Here you can find the file “Subject: Lost Items” , which the combination reveals to you: Left 9 – Right 3. As a reward you will receive the double magazine (assault rifle) , which serves as an upgrade for your weapon.

Resident Evil 3 remake codes

You can read the combination in the file.

As already described above, you can crack the remaining 15 locks with the lockpick from Jill. You can easily find them because they are marked in yellow.

If you have cracked all 20 locks, you complete the “Key Master” challenge, which gives you 1000 points for the shop. Always keep an eye on your map, because there the areas are marked in red where you have not yet discovered everything.

RE3 remake (Resident Evil 3 remake) solution and walkthrough 

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