Stump Me Answers And Solutions Level 1 to 50

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Stump Me Answers And Solutions Level 1 to 50 in One Page – we help you solve all the difficult questions and levels. As a result, think outside your brain to solve a level

About Stump Me – Think you can do it?

Will you be smart enough? Take this test to find out if you are a real genius or not! xD
Stump Me is a new free and addictive IQ game full of puzzles and puzzles that you can enjoy both solo and with your friends. Each of the puzzles in this game is unique, original, and creative, and has been designed to push your thinking limits. Will you be smart enough to beat your friends? Take up these challenges to find out who is really the smartest! Hints: The obvious answers are usually wrong! Let your imagination run wild, think outside the nails!

Remember: Open your mind and think outside the nails!

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Stump Me Answers And Solutions Level 1 to 50:



Stump Me Answers And Solutions Level 1 to 50

Stump Me Answers And Solutions:


Level 1


Level 2

Q: Could you turn on the air conditioner.
A: Fnde remote under the table.

Level 3

Q: Find the largest color area!
A: White

Level 4

Q: Make all the water bottles the same!
A: Tap both wire ends at same time

Level 5

Q: Make the black hole devour everything!
A: Drag sun out of screen.

Level 6

Q: Find the biggest fish!
A: Larger fish eat smaller ones. Strong will eat the weak.

Level 7

Q: Which champagne is different?
A: Shake your device to find the answer.

Level 8

Q: Feedback
A: Give feedback.

Level 9

Q: Counting her hair
A: First, remove microwave > remove table and find the ac remote > turn on the ac.

Level 10

Q: Help with ticket checking of the concert.
A: Break the ticket

Level 11

Q: How many candies on the table?
A: No candy on the table

Level 12

Q: 1=10, 2=20, 3=30, 4=40…, 10=?
A: Answer is 10=1

Level 13

Q: Find the smallest fruit.
A: Tap word ‘fruit’.

Level 14

Q: This car is dirty. Clean it.
A: Remove dust by tapping left to right on the car.

Level 15

Remove water from bottles.

Level 16

Move things into black hole > don’t miss question line.

Level 17

Answer is 8.

Level 18

first, make elephant small in size then move him into fridge

Level 19

Rotate device upside down > equation becomes 11=5+6.

Level 20

Tap hint button to turn on light.

Level 21

Answer is 0.

Level 22

Tap door lock two times to open the door.

Level 23

Mix yellow and red color.

Level 24

Make ant big in size to beat elephant.

Level 25

Turn your device upside down

Level 26

Remove her hair. It’s a hair wig not real hair

Level 27

Answer is 1.

Level 28

Move next word to the green block.

Level 29

Tap her eyes to wake her up.

Level 30

Slide screen to left bottom. Find big yellow duck.

Level 31

Tap thump 9 times.

Level 32

Answer is 38 degrees

Level 33

Answer is 32.

Level 34

Shake dress fast to dry quickly.

Level 35

Tap box upward direction to open it.

Level 36

Move yellow left side of screen to make it a rectangle.

Level 37

Answer is plate.

Level 38

Make friction. Tap wood left to right fast to make a fire.

Level 39

Shake your device.

Level 40

Tap word ‘circle’.

Level 41

Tap play button

Level 42

Tap writing board lock.

Level 43

Answer is 87.

Level 44

Left direction.

Level 45

Just tap his glasses.

Level 46

Mix fire and tap it to defeat the boss.

Level 47

Slide left to unlock.

Level 48

Move word ‘apple’ to plate.

Level 49

Answer is 7.

Level 50

Answer is 80021.

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