Stump Me Answers And Solutions Level 50 to 100

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Stump Me Answers And Solutions Level 50 to 100 in One Page – we help you solve all the difficult questions and levels. As a result, think outside your brain to solve a level

About Stump Me – Think you can do it?

Will you be smart enough? Take this test to find out if you are a real genius or not! xD
Stump Me is a new free and addictive IQ game full of puzzles and puzzles that you can enjoy both solo and with your friends. Each of the puzzles in this game is unique, original, and creative, and has been designed to push your thinking limits. Will you be smart enough to beat your friends? Take up these challenges to find out who is really the smartest! Hints: The obvious answers are usually wrong! Let your imagination run wild, think outside the nails!

Remember: Open your mind and think outside the nails!

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Stump Me Answers And Solutions Level 50 to 100:


Stump Me Answers And Solutions Level 50 to 100

Stump Me Answers And Solutions Level 50 to 100:


Level 51

Place one finger to attract mosquito > Tap and kill it.

Level 52

Answer is 1225.

Level 53


Level 54

Make 0 + 0 = 0

Level 55

Line the road

Level 56

Switch number 6 and 5.

Level 57

Answer is 0.

Level 58


Level 59

Tap word ‘volcano’.

Level 60

Shake phone

Level 61

Answer is 0.

Level 62

Remove animals to balance.

Level 63

Move question mark (?) to his hand.

Level 64

When apple appears tap it.

Level 65

Tap latter and hold it for few seconds.

Level 66

Move elevator down.

Level 67

Tap sheet quickly to break it.

Level 68

Answer is 2019

Level 69

Move every balloon.

Level 70

Move moon to dog.

Level 71

Tap and hold camera.

Level 72

Move word ‘elevator’ down.

Level 73

Tap X.

Level 74

Remove animal outside > move hammer over him.

Level 75

Tap device and hold to unlock.

Level 76

Move small stone from left bottom corner between the two men and make stone bigger.

Level 77

Tap her right hand.

Level 78

Tap and hold > shake phone.

Level 79

Tap her eyes down.

Level 80

Close his mouth > move hand to his nose.

Level 81

Drag bird down to keep them in balance.

Level 82

Tap lamp button to find the heart.

Level 83

Scratch word ‘no’ to remove it.

Level 84

Turn your phone quickly.

Level 85

Score is 90:81. Rotate device upside down to make 18:06.

Level 86

Remove box > move him to the end.

Level 87

Break apple with two fingers.

Level 88

Tap 3 and 4 at the same time.

Level 89

Scratch her face quickly.

Level 90

Remove cloud from sun.

Level 91

Swipe right to left and you will see the queen card.

Level 92

Remove stone from road to help the car.

Level 93

Shake your device to see the stars.

Level 94

Combine both clouds to make it rain > move cloud over the fire.

Level 95

Rub upper part of equation > to make “I love you” > propose her.

Level 96

Drag sun and place it inside volcano so it erupts.

Level 97

Break glass on fire alarm with 5-6 taps > this will make the level pass.

Level 98

Stop hand at pocket to make it go inside. Be precise to complete this level.

Level 99

Tap animal to use spikes on balloons.

Level 100

Tap the tree six times to find the lemon.

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