Superhero Tower Defense Codes (January 2021) Roblox

Superhero Tower Defense codes
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Find a list of all the Superhero Tower Defense Codes available on the game from Roblox, allowing you some gold and new superheroes for your team, Gold is so useful as you can useit to purchase crates,Use these codes to take on stronger waves of enemies .

Superhero Tower Defense codes

Superhero Tower Defense Codes List :


The various lists list all the codes available, or which have been, classified according to their date of appearance on Superhero Tower Defense. These codes allow you to recover various bonuses and currency … Three types of bonus can be activated via these codes, which can be valid for several minutes or even several hours.

However, note that the codes are case sensitive, so be sure to respect the upper and lower case letters correctly.

Superhero Tower Defense Codes (Valid)

all working Superhero Tower Defense codes.

  • Super – Code gift > 150 gold (New)
  • 1000Likes – Code gift > 300 gold (founded in the game description, but doesn’t work for us, they will fix it soon)
  • 500Likes – Code gift > 150 gold
  • Gravy – Code gift > GravyCatman youtuber Tower (better than the starter towers)
  • MoneyPlease – Code gift > 50 gold
  • Release – Code gift > 50 gold

Superhero Tower Defense Codes (Expired)


No expired Superhero Tower Defense codes at this time.


How-to Redeem Superhero Tower Defense Codes


Redeeming codes for Superhero Tower Defense. in the game click on the Twitter bird icon on the left side of the screen. Copy and paste valid code separately into the text box and hit redeem. You should receive confirmation that your code works.

Superhero Tower Defense Roblox Game Description and Update



Undergoing live maintenance between 12:01AM and 2:00AM EST


This game is currently in very early testing, so expect bugs, and please let us know of any suggestions or improvements you might have. Thanks for playing!

⚔️ Form your own squad of heroes and fight off the waves of enemies that challenge you.

📢New Code at 5,000 Likes

🌠 Buy powerful superheroes!

💎Buy crates and emotes!

💥Unlock amazing new superheroes!

⭐ Team up with your friends!

🏆 Try and get the highest wave possible!

👑 Become the most powerful player!

📝New updates every week!

❤️ Like the game for more codes and rewards!

🔔 Follow for game updates!

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